The D.P.L. (Denver Public Library) Media Platform is an app designed concurrently with the Lumbiblio project. The distilled idea is the same: make room for mindfulness in a field characterized by rapid innovation. As most of our media is now produced virtually, this design offers a platform to search for media using a familiar query builder, and read media with the benefits of virtual accessories (annotation tools, book marks, endless organizational strategies). The front-end design of the app features a modified Rockwell Kent bookplate, a low-contrast color scheme, and a user-friendly interface to facilitate a symbiotic relationship of old and new media platforms and styles. 
Back-end design has the opportunity to capture the advantages of reading media digitally. The back-end design has potential to make informed reading suggestions based on books organized in a person's "stack", by comparing users' based on similar books and annotations in books, and saving query builders for future reference. 

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